LG Hi-Macs Worktops

We want you to be delighted with your HI-MACS® installation and with well over 80 colours to choose from, choosing the right colour is important.

Please take particular note of the following:

Some of the dark, heavily pigmented colours of HI-MACS® may require special care and may show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter textured colours.


Colours shown in the HI-MACS® brochure marked with an asterix are not recommended for use as a kitchen work surface or in heavy traffic applications. For information on selecting the ideal colour for your application please consult with your HI-MACS® retail dealer, fabricator or contact us for more information.

LG Hi-Macs Collection by Prestige Work Surfaces

Hi Macs Eboney Concrete M553
Hi Macs Eboney Concrete. Solid Surface worktops by Prestige.
Hi Macs Chic Concrete M551
Hi Macs Chic Concrete. Solid Surface worktops by Prestige.
Hi Macs Urban Concrete G554
Hi Macs Urban Concrete. Solid Surface worktops by Prestige.
Hi Macs Shadow Concrete M552
Hi Macs Shadow Concrete. Solid Surface worktops by Prestige.
Hi Macs Steel Concrete G555
Hi Macs Steel Concrete. Solid Surface worktops by Prestige.
LG Hi-Macs Carina
LG Hi-Macs Peanut Butter
LG Hi-Macs Santa Ana
LG Hi-Macs Black Sand
LG Hi-Macs Artic Granite
LG Hi-Macs Maui
LG Hi-Macs Grey Sand
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We have over 20 years of experience offering a superb customer service and installing to a very high standard throughout the UK and the Isle of Man.

LG Hi-Macs is a high quality solid surface material which offers superb design possibilities and excellent performance. It can be seamlessly curved and moulded into almost any shape which gives you endless design possibilities and is the ideal solution for those real awkward projects.

There are many beautiful LG Hi-Macs  colours available and a selection of superb sinks and bowls which are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. These can be seamlessly integrated into your worktops to leave a beautiful, free flowing work surface which eliminate the need for any joints and seams.

LG Hi-Macs is a solid, homogeneous, non-porous and resistant to most chemicals and physical hazards. It will not delaminate nor will it rot, is very difficult to stain, has excellent impact resistance and is very easy to keep clean and maintain.

Solid Surface can also be used for the sign industry and it is possible for us to either transfer an image by sublimation or by digital printing on to the face. We can also thermoform solid surface into many weird and wonderful shapes to produce that unique finish.

Wakefield LG Hi-Macs Corian Worktops

Wakefield Corian & Solid Surfaces are supplied, manufactured and fitted by Prestige Worksurfaces Ltd. We supply and fit in Wakefield and the surrounding areas of Leeds including, Featherstone, Pontefract, Wrenthorpe, Kirkamgate, Carr Gate, Normanton, Flushdyke, Kirkthorpe, Warmfield, Horbury, East Ardsley and Lofthouse.


  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Wakefield

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Wrenthorpe

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Kirkamgate

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Carr Gate

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Normanton

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Flushdyke

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Leeds

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Kirkthorpe

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Warmfield

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Horbury

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops East Ardsley

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Lofthouse

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Featherstone

  • LG Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops Pontefract

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